Armstrong Lab Services

Partial and Complete Dentures




Splints are widely used for sports and some medical conditions (TMJ)  and for bruxing patients.. Other words for splints are “mouth guard,” “bite plate,” “bite appliance,” “mouthpiece,” “orthotic,” “nightguard,” and/or “occlusal appliance.” Splints are made of plastic, and can be hard or soft or both.. They can cover all of the teeth, or a select few teeth.

Implants are the go to restorative service for motivated patients. Sub periosteal, blades and mucosal have given way to osteo-integrated abutments of all varieties and we work on all of them.

Our Products

ALS has been fabricating fixed dentistry for 25 years and the evolution has been incredible. From porcelain fused to metal (PFM) to porcelain fused or pressed to zirconia (PFZ or ZirPress) to 3Shape scan and design and Zirconia milling. We are staying current and open minded as we evolve.

Dentures and partial cast dentures is where we began in 1980. The craft is slowly changing but is very similar to how we fabricated decades ago. The changes have occurred in the quality of denture teeth (cross linked material) to injected bases (Ivobase)  Artistry is still the difference between ALS and the rest, experience can be purchased when quality is needed.